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    Dec 18, 2012 | Published by Emirates Today

    Eddie Kidd was paralysed after a motercycle stunt went wrong 11 years ago

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    Daredevil takes his first steps towards his dream

    Daredevel Eddie Kidd, paralysed when a motercycle accident went wrong 11 years ago, has taken hist first steps on his road to mobility in Dubai. Yesterday morning at the Qarardeen Hotel, where he has been staying, he got up out of his wheelchair - with help - and walked a few tentative steps to pose for Emirates Today photographer.
    World record-holder Eddie, 47, has been in the emitate for three weeks to be assessed for physiotherapy treatment. Eddie, a former Levi 501s model and James Bond stunt double, said: "I feel much better, but then who would not staying here?" "There are no miracles, but then Dubai has already worked its magic." He had been here for a consultatio with physiotherapist Jacques Caluwé, who treats the Victory Team, Dubai's powerboat racing.

    He is now waiting for the result of Jacques' assessment, but has already begun the tough regime that his treatment will follow. Before meeting Jacques, Eddie told Emirates Today: "I have a dream to walk again and it has brought me to Dubai. I shall walk again next year". The father-of-three said: "When I get home I shall exercise every day, walk between parallel bars I have in my back garden, and cycle five miles on the excercise machine."

    I have also changed my diet - no caffeine and cutting down on carbohydrates. "This is all about treating my muscles to what they used to do."
    At 18, Eddie became the first motercyclist ever to clear 14 double decker buses and retain control of his bike on landing. After that, he became a household name in the United Kingdom, performing stunts for films and television - including being stunt double for Pierce Brosnan as James Bond in GoldenEye.

    During this time, he also perfected doing his bike stunts with no hand on the handlebars, which won him three world records.

    Now Eddie plans to come back to Dubai, as co-ordinator for the world's biggest ever stunt show planned for next April - and he intends to perform in the show, strapped into a car to do ramp jumps and rollovers. His ex-girlfriend, Billie Mobayed, who lives in Dubai and who suggested he come to the city for treatment, said: "We hope we can get his physiotherapist trained up to treat Eddie in the United Kingdom. Out here, he has been able to swim every day, and he has made a lot of friends. It has really done him good. We joke that we will go out together again if I lose 10 kilos, and he walks 10 steps."

    He flew home to the United Kingdom in the early hours of today, absolutely delighted with his trip.

    Written by Sue Brattle

    "A healthy mind in a healthy body"
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